Lithonia Lighting

Lithonia lighting is North America’s greatest producer of lighting equipment for industrial, commercial, residential and outdoor applications. It is an Acuity Brands Company having fifteen manufacturing facilities in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. It has been providing the best value in lighting for sixty years and more, giving the industry’s widest range of industrial, commercial, residential and institutional fixtures. Their products are popular for their reliability, quality and great performance, making it the most distinguished name in the market.

Apart from great product strength, Lithonia lighting also provides its customers with supreme quality customer service. The members of this organization are committed twenty four seven to make it easier for the customers to get the information and the products of their choice and need.

Lithonia lighting wanted to improve the profitability in its manufacturing processes. The company possessed good metrics when it came to managing the plant and the assembly operations but the problem was that each of its facility used different methods for line balancing and standards development. These techniques provided the company with profits, but the management still believed that more consistent and substantial profits could be obtained by using a consistent and proven methodology. For this initiative to be a success, Lithonia lighting needed to change the technological aspects of the manufacturing process along with the way the employees performed their tasks, that is the company culture. To achieve this, Lithonia lighting needed a regular and unfailing methodology that would help all its workers across all the facilities to use the same tools, techniques and ideologies.

Maynard suggested the expansion and improvement of standard data and contrive standards to ensure a regular and unfailing methodology to calculate plant productivity. Maynard assisted Lithonia lighting in identifying all the tasks performed on the assembly line and how much time each task took to be completed. From this pool of information, Lithonia lighting could engineer the best methods and consistent practices which could then be implemented on all its manufacturing facilities. To ensure the success of this plan, Lithonia lighting and Maynard created three practice teams, one team for each facility. Each team analyzed its facility and identified the best methods and techniques for each and every task. Through this process, each of the teams created new and better standards to maximize operation utilization. To ensure that these standards were followed, special training for performance management was provided to both the supervisors and the employees.

This development of standards not only established a new process for manufacturing lighting, it changed the way employees worked at Lithonia lighting. Employees from the company were included in the teams that analyzed every facility hence they gained valuable insight into the nuances of the manufacturing process and how it could be made more effective.

With the help of this improvement initiative, Lithonia lighting’s productivity increased in all three plants by twenty five percent, twenty percent and fifteen percent respectively. Because of this improved productivity, the overall costs of the plant reduced by 20 percent. Lithonia lighting achieved five years work in just one year. The company was so impressed with Maynard’s work that it has roped it in again to work with them in another of its manufacturing units.


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